60 Minutes Speed Reading Training Course for Primary School Students: “Speedy Readers: Accelerated Reading Techniques for Young Minds in 60 Minutes”

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to read quickly and comprehend efficiently is more crucial than ever. With the advent of vast amounts of information at our fingertips, mastering the art of speed reading has become a valuable skill, even for young learners. Welcome to “Speedy Readers: Accelerated Reading Techniques for Young Minds in 60 Minutes,” a dynamic training course tailored specifically for primary school students. In this course, we embark on an exciting journey to unlock the potential of young minds, equipping them with the tools to navigate the world of literature and information with speed and confidence.

Designed with the unique cognitive abilities of young readers in mind, our 60-minute training course focuses on building a solid foundation in speed reading. Through interactive exercises and engaging activities, students will learn proven techniques to increase reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. From breaking the habit of subvocalization to mastering efficient scanning methods, each lesson is carefully crafted to empower students to read faster and smarter.

Moreover, “Speedy Readers” goes beyond mere speed, emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills and vocabulary enrichment. Students will not only learn to consume information rapidly but also to analyze and extract key insights effectively. By the end of this course, young readers will emerge as confident and capable individuals equipped with the tools to tackle the challenges of the information age head-on.


1. Develop foundational speed reading skills tailored to primary school students’ cognitive abilities.

2. Cultivate efficient reading habits to enhance comprehension and retention within a condensed timeframe.

3. Introduce strategies to overcome subvocalization and improve reading fluency among young readers.

4. Foster critical thinking skills by teaching students to extract key information rapidly from texts.

5. Enhance vocabulary acquisition through targeted exercises designed to broaden linguistic proficiency.

6. Instill confidence in young readers by demonstrating measurable progress in reading speed and comprehension within the 60-minute training course.

In conclusion, “Speedy Readers: Accelerated Reading Techniques for Young Minds in 60 Minutes” has provided primary school students with a transformative experience in the realm of reading. Throughout this course, students have gained invaluable skills in speed reading, comprehension, critical thinking, and vocabulary acquisition. By embracing efficient reading habits and overcoming traditional barriers to rapid reading, they are now equipped to navigate the vast landscape of information with ease and confidence.

As we reflect on the journey we’ve undertaken together, it’s evident that the impact of this training course extends far beyond its 60-minute duration. The skills and strategies learned here will serve as lifelong tools for academic success and personal growth. By empowering young readers to become speedy and proficient readers, we’re not only shaping their academic futures but also fostering a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

As educators and mentors, it’s our privilege to witness the transformation of young minds into confident and capable readers. With their newfound abilities, these “Speedy Readers” are poised to excel in school, in their careers, and in life. The journey of learning never truly ends, and we encourage students to continue honing their skills and exploring the vast world of literature and knowledge that awaits them.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$389.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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