2 Full Days Speed Reading Training Course for GCE O Level Students: “GCE O Level Speed Sprint: Two-Day Intensive for Mastery in Speed Reading”

Embarking on the journey towards academic excellence often requires mastering the art of efficient information absorption. In the realm of education, particularly for students preparing for the GCE O Level examinations, the ability to read swiftly while comprehending thoroughly is invaluable. Hence, in response to this need, we present the “GCE O Level Speed Sprint: Two-Day Intensive for Mastery in Speed Reading.” This specialized course is meticulously designed to equip GCE O Level students with the essential skills and techniques to navigate through vast amounts of textual information effectively.

In an era defined by information abundance, the significance of speed reading cannot be overstated. The fast-paced nature of modern academia demands students to swiftly process large volumes of text, ranging from textbooks to scholarly articles. However, speed reading is not merely about velocity; it is about striking a delicate balance between speed and comprehension. Through our comprehensive two-day training program, students will learn how to enhance their reading speed without sacrificing understanding, thereby optimizing their study time and academic performance.

Moreover, the “GCE O Level Speed Sprint” goes beyond conventional speed reading techniques by tailoring the curriculum specifically to the requirements of the GCE O Level syllabus. Recognizing the diverse subject areas and exam formats encompassed by the GCE O Level examinations, our course integrates subject-specific reading strategies and practice materials. By honing their speed reading abilities within the context of their academic pursuits, students will be better equipped to excel in their examinations and beyond.


1. Equip GCE O Level students with advanced speed reading techniques.

2. Enhance reading speed and comprehension skills within two days.

3. Provide intensive training tailored for GCE O Level exam requirements.

4. Foster mastery in speed reading for academic success.

5. Offer practical strategies to maximize reading efficiency.

6. Ensure students can efficiently process large volumes of text.

7. Instill confidence in tackling complex reading materials swiftly.

8. Empower students to manage time effectively during exams.

9. Cultivate a habit of active engagement with written content.

10. Develop critical thinking skills alongside rapid reading abilities.

11. Emphasize retention and understanding alongside speed.

12. Customize approaches to cater to individual learning styles.

13. Employ interactive methods to reinforce speed reading techniques.

14. Provide ongoing support for continued improvement post-training.

15. Offer guidance on incorporating speed reading into daily study routines.

16. Foster a positive mindset towards reading as an enjoyable and productive activity.

In conclusion, the “GCE O Level Speed Sprint: Two-Day Intensive for Mastery in Speed Reading” offers a transformative experience for students preparing for their GCE O Level examinations. Through this specialized course, students not only enhance their reading speed but also sharpen their comprehension skills, ultimately empowering them to navigate the complex landscape of academic texts with confidence and efficiency. As they embark on their academic journeys, armed with the techniques and strategies acquired during this intensive training, students are poised to excel in their examinations and beyond. The ability to read swiftly and understand deeply is not just a skill; it is a gateway to unlocking a world of knowledge and academic success, and our program aims to be the catalyst for this transformative journey.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$889.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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